Bridge Theatre

The Bridge is a new theatre for London.
Opening autumn 2017.


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It struck us some time ago that, while London is fortunate in its heritage of Victorian and Edwardian theatres, relatively few new theatres of scale have been built in London in the last hundred years.

So it feels like the time is right for a new theatre that answers the needs of contemporary audiences and theatre-makers, and will be the home to our new company.

We’re going to make shows that are both challenging and popular. We know there’s a large audience which responds to new work that is ambitious and stimulating; and the more adventurous it is, the more popular it turns out to be.

With our friends Steve Tompkins and Roger Watts of Haworth Tompkins Architects (winner of the 2014 Stirling Prize) we had been looking for the kind of space, in the kind of location, that could galvanise audiences, playwrights, directors and actors. In spring 2015, we found the vast and exciting empty space at the heart of Berkeley’s One Tower Bridge development overlooking Tower Bridge and the river and close by London Bridge station. It’s a space big enough to house an entirely new kind of flexible 900-seat theatre which Steve and Roger have conceived.

We are naming it The Bridge Theatre, and it will open in autumn 2017 – the only central London commercial theatre of scale not in the historic West End. It will offer theatre-makers the kind of environment that will provoke from them adventurous new work, and it will offer to audiences modern standards of comfort, leg-room and facilities.

We’re already working with playwrights and directors on a programme that will be predominantly new but will include, on occasion, a re-invention of a great work from the past. We will announce details in spring this year.

If you’d like to be kept in touch with our plans and productions as they develop, we’d be delighted. Just give us your name and email. (And if you’d like also to send us a message, we’d be even happier to respond.)

Nicholas Hytner
Nick Starr

Founders, London Theatre Company

London Theatre Company is a new independent theatre company. The Bridge is its first theatre.

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