Facilities for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People

Currently scheduled captioned performances

Alys, Always – Wed 20 Mar 7.30pm
A Midsummer Night’s Dream –  Sat 17 Aug 2.30pm

Mailing list for captioned performances

To join our free mailing list and receive details about captioned performances, please contact us at access@bridgetheatre.co.uk or call us on 0333 320 0051

Captioned performances

Captioning is a way of converting the spoken word into visible text that provides deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people with access to live performances along with their family and friends. Our captioned performances are also aimed at those whose first language is not English.

We will have a captioned performance for all Bridge Theatre productions and a block of seats is reserved to ensure a good view of the caption box or boxes. Captioned shows are provided by STAGETEXT.

Hearing enhancement & headsets

We have an innovative streaming system for assisted listening and audio description. The free MobileConnect app from Sennheiser gives you access to assisted listening or, at certain performances, audio description.
There are devices (iPod Touch) available from the theatre cloakroom with headphones or induction neck loops. You may use your own headphones, or you may use your own device. You can download the ‘Sennheiser MobileConnect’ app onto your personal smartphone or tablet from either the iTunes store or Google Play.
Once downloaded you connect to the system as if connecting to a local Wi-Fi point, and the device becomes the audio receiver. You can select the audio source you wish to hear, connect some headphones (or a neck loop) and adjust the volume and quality to suit. Once the app has been downloaded, you can connect to any other venue where this system is installed.

How To Use

  1. Navigate to your app store and download the Sennheiser MobileConnect app.
  2. In the WiFi settings connect to the network Bridge_Public
  3. Password: bridge**public
  4. Launch the Mobile Connect app
  5. Plug in your headphones or induction neck loop
  6. Select the service you require: show relay or, at certain performances, audio description.
  7. Adjust your volume
  8. Select ‘personal hearing’ and move the dot around the screen until you like the sound

If you are using your own device, make sure your phone is set to silent.

Hearing dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in all spaces of the Bridge Theatre. Please let us know when booking so that we can arrange an aisle seat for you and tell you about any loud noises or special effects that might affect your dog’s comfort. Alternatively, you can leave your dog in the care of our hospitality team.

In the case of an emergency, if it is safe to do so, we will try to reunite a dog with its owner prior to evacuating the building. If this is not possible, staff will bring your dog to the appropriate assembly point.

Free synopsis and cast list

We offer a free synopsis and cast list to all bookers of captioned performances.