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Physical Access

There is level access into the Bridge Theatre foyer.

Wheelchair accessible spaces are located in the stalls, accessible via a platform lift with level access from the main foyer.

The platform lift provides access to the Stalls. Gallery 2 does not have lift access. The lift can carry up to 300KG (4 persons).

The main staircase from the foyer to the Stalls has 21 steps. There are 12 steps up to Gallery 2 from foyer level.

Bridge Theatre foyer in the day

Accessible Toilets

We have 2 gender neutral accessible toilets. One is located on the ground floor (best access from Gallery 1 seating) and one is located in the Lower Foyer (best access from Stalls seating).

Auditorium Seat Dimensions

All of our seats have a seat width of 41cm, and a seat depth of 44cm.

They have armrests which are 43cm apart and 23cm up from the seat itself. The seats are around 38cm up from the floor. Seats listed as ‘high seats’ are around 56cm up from the floor and have a metal bar to rest your feet on rather than the floor.

If you have any questions about the dimensions and sizing of our auditorium seating, please email

Wheelchair Accessible Seats

Our production of Guys & Dolls is in promenade seating, meaning our accessible seats for wheelchair users are in a different place to where previous customers may be used to at The Bridge.

The wheelchair spaces are in the Stalls ZZ31–ZZ3 and ZZ42–Z45.

You will need to use the platform lift to the stalls level and there will be level access from there. To book these seats login to your account and click on the Stalls seating plan after choosing your performance date. If you have let us know you, or your companion, is a wheelchair user, then you will see the wheelchair bay available to book on Row ZZ at the front of the right hand corner seating bank.

If you have any questions about booking these seats please email

Wheelchair Loan

You can borrow a wheelchair from us to use during your visit. To arrange for a wheelchair to be available, please email us at or call 0333 320 0051 before your visit. Subject to availability.