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We are flexible in our offering and have a proven track record of hosting a range of events, from award ceremonies, book launches and conferences

Conferences and meetings
• The 900 seat auditorium is perfect for conferences and talks. During the run of a show, the auditorium is available to hire from 8 am until around 4 pm. Please look at our performance calendar for availability.
• The lower foyer fits 50 people seated and standing, with a flat screen TV for presentations.

• The main foyer fits 400 people comfortably, it is a great space for morning/afternoon award ceremonies during the run of a show. For an evening event, ie. A Wedding, Launch or Fundraiser, the foyer is available when there is no performance in auditorium.

• We don’t accept external catering, however our kitchen is run in partnership with St.JOHN, who can adapt to your needs.
• Conference and wedding packages available upon request.

Please note unfortunately we cannot host external productions.

For more information download our hires form here and email 

Picture of our main foyer at night. Our copper wire lights are hanging from the ceiling and providing the light. The foyer is filled with people standing and chatting.
Main Foyer: Rolfe Judd 50th Anniversary
Picture of our main foyer from the back. Our copper wire lights are lit, hanging from the ceiling and natural light is also coming from above. Above our clear glass entrance doors the name Bridge Theatre is in read, but backwards and facing outwards.
Main Foyer
Picture from behind our bar. A person with a black t-shirt with a white Bridge Theatre beam on its back is pouring white wine. The bar has filled win glasses covering it. There are a few people chatting in the background and it is light.
The Stage Awards
Picture of our lower foyer space, there are light laminate flooring, a television screen on the wall at the back and some high stools on the right. There is light coming in from the left from our main foyer.
Lower Foyer Space
Picture of our lower foyer filled with people sat on high stools and lower chairs, there are tea cups and saucers on a round table and there is light coming in from the stairs up main foyer.
Lower Foyer: Digital Works
Photo of Bridge Theatre Stage. There is a big screen at the bag that has a green background and reads B Inspired. There is a sofa in front of this and a large B standing next to it.
B Lab UK: B Inspired conference
Image of Bridge Theatre foyer, during the day with posters, flyers and big stands with B Lap information on
B Lab UK: B Inspired conference
Image of Bridge Theatre foyer
B Lab UK: B Inspired conference
Photo of the Bridge Theatre auditorium, view from the stage looking out at our red seats
Photo by Michael Rudman and @London_Filmed