Due to the national lockdown the theatre is currently closed. We will be in touch with everyone whose bookings are affected.

The Outside Dog & The Hand of God

9 September - 26 September 2020

The Outside Dog
Performed by Rochenda Sandall, directed by Nadia Fall

Marjory hates her husband Stuart’s dog, Tina. He likes to take the dog out late, arriving home at midnight, clothes straight in the wash, then comes naked to bed and makes insistent demands on her. Meanwhile, there’s a killer on the loose, and the police arrive. Rochenda Sandall plays Marjory.

The Hand of God
Performed by Kristin Scott Thomas, directed by Jonathan Kent

Unable to shift a refectory table she’s had in stock for far too long, Celia laments that the antiques  business is all about money these days, and she despises nobody more than the barrow boys at Christies. Though proud of her eye for the hidden gems that lay hidden in the houses of local pensioners, she discovers she’s less of an expert than she thought she was. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Celia.

Tickets: £55, £39.50, £25, £15
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Run time: Approx 64 mins, there will be a short changeover between monologues, no interval

Creatives: Alan Bennett (Writer), Bunny Christie (Design), Jon Clark (Lighting Design), Gareth Fry (Sound Design), Luke Halls (Video Design), George Fenton (Music)

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